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Who are we

O. E. Law Firm is an innovative legal and commercial services provider dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive and efficient solutions across sectors and borders for domestic and foreign technology companies in China.

As an international law firm headquartered in Asia, like all traditional old-brand law firms, we inherit the faith of legal professionals and constantly help our client to achieve their goals.

And in contrast to traditional law firms, our solutions are not only based on years of intensive legal expertise, but also professional capabilities in subdivided technical fields.


What we do

We provide high-quality legal services of difficult cases for technology companies in areas such as International Technology Transactions, Compliance, Employment issues, Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Protection, Bankruptcy and Reorganization, and as well as Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

O. E. Law Firm offers expertise to Internet companies, computer software R&D companies, and automobile companies.We navigate clients to avoid the risk of economic losses, resolve infringement disputes, and establish a complete compliance system. 

Our team brings together jurists, lawyers, professionals in various high-tech fields, and senior cross-border legal practitioners. This allows us to offer our client solutions from financial, analytical, and of course, legal perspectives,which we call “A closed ecological chain of technology transactions provided by the O. E. System. ”

What is O. E. System?

How does O. E. System become such an integrative platform, which combines extensive cross-sector experiences in a variety of practice areas?

Since we work with technology companies, O. E. System has created a culture of compatibility and innovation.

As one of the first legal-tech practitioners in China, who has fully united Technology Valuation and Commercialization with over 15 years of legal experience, O. E. Law Firm is committed to becoming a leader in TMT legal practice in China.



Always adhere to a lawyer's faith is a promise that we will constantly deliver our expertise in the most comprehensive and efficient way.

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Proudly based in China, expanding to Asia and beyond.
With a network that extends throughout China and overseas,
O.E. Law Firm is an international law firm that provides excellent services.

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