IP Protection

Based on O. E. Trinity, our IP team provides clients with comprehensive TechLaw Service. We appreciate the combination of law and technology. Our multidisciplinary lawyers and experts amassed a wealth of experience in IP protection and dispute resolution. We are confident in helping clients navigate the legal and commercial risks relevant to technology.


Types of Disputes

  • Patent, trademark, copyright ownership disputes
  • Patent, trademark, copyright infringement disputes
  • Trade secret (industrial secrets and commercial secrets) disputes

Our Services

  • Investigating the fact
  • Searching evidence
  • Analyzing evidence
  • Contact, negotiate with opposite party
  • Draft legal documents
Administrative Approaches
  • Making a plan of protecting IP rights by administrative approaches
  • Preparing evidence
  • Filing requests for review of IP infringement to the authority
  • Litigation preparation
  • Investigating the fact
  • Preparing evidence
  • Report of Authoritative Expert
  • Trial

Key Contacts