Technology Consulting

IP Value Assessment and Analysis

With the unique "technology value analysis" system; we analyze the value of IP, thus providing basis and support to maximize the value of intellectual property.

IP marketization Analysis

analysis based on industry demand, market size and competitive situation

IP Advantage Analysis

analysis from the aspects of feasibility, innovation and competitiveness of IP

IP Stability Analysis

analysis from the perspective of the stability of claims, coverage and subsequent R&D

IP Commercialization Analysis

analysis based on the feasibility of scientific transformation and technological achievements

IP consulting Services

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprise IP Management
  • Rivalry
  • New Product Development
  • Infringement Risk Response
  • New Market Development
  • Market Preparation


  • Free Implementation of New Technologies
  • Enhancing Company's Competitiveness
  • Preventing the Risk of Patent Disputes
  • Blocking Competitors
  • Positioning of Technology Value
  • Discovering the Cutting-edge Technology of the Industry


IP Management Plan

IP Management Plan

  • The current situation of IP
  • IP classification management system
  • IP hierarchical management system
IP Production Plan

IP Production Plan

  • IP layout
  • High-value IP development
IP Risk Management

IP Risk Management

  • Analysis of IP stability
  • Identification of IP barriers
  • Response to IP risks
  • Freedom to Operate (FTO)
IP Utilization and Operation

IP Utilization and Operation

  • IP pledge financing
  • IP securitization
  • IP licensing
  • IP valuation
  • IP purchase
  • IP litigation
Building patent pools and IP platform

Building patent pools and IP platform

  • Patent reservation
  • Patent analysis and management
  • Building patent pool
  • Building an IP platform
  • Operation of patent pool and IP platform
  • Technology transfer with IP transactions

Technology Due Diligence

    In-depth investigation of the value of technology assets of technology companies:

  • Application Scenarios: investment and financing projects; IP transaction projects; corporate mergers and acquisitions projects; IPO projects
  • Goal: Detailed and accurate technical due diligence will help investors understand the company' s technical situation, reduce many problems caused by asymmetric technnology information of both parties, and provide a basis for both parties' reasonable valuation and in-depth cooperation
Technology Assets

Technology Assets

    IP; products and related technologies; process flow; main equipment; Know-how

Technology Team

Technology Team

    Core R&D Personnel; R&D Team Arrangement

Technology System

Technology System

    R&D system, model, platform; R&D investment

1. Identification and Sorting

  • Identify and sort out technology assets: through the collection of internal and external information, identify technology assets; grasp the core technology
  • Sort out technology assets; according to customer needs and technical conditions, according to the priority classification; form the basis of technical due diligence
  • Identify and sort out technology teams and technology systems: identify technology teams, R&D mechanisms, management and protection systems, etc., and sort out their corresponding products, corresponding technologies, core R&D capabilities, innovation capabilities, etc

2. Analysis of stability

  • Analysis of IP ownership and legal stability
  • Analysis of core personnel and R&D team stability
  • Technology implementation legal risk analysis
  • Technology R&D, technology cooperation, management and protection system compliance and risk analysis

3. Risk and Opportunity assessment

  • Legal risks
  • Technology risks
  • Market risks
  • Commercialization risks