Technology Transaction


This Service is for cross-border technology transfer, international trade, investment & financing, and economic & technical cooperation regarding technology transaction. We especially focus on risk control, transaction compliance, and business purpose achievement.

Our comprehensive technology and legal service system covers recognition, assessment, transaction, delivery, development and opt-out relevant to Technology Transfer.

Investigation for Transaction

  • Investigating intangible assets and the risk of IP, providing advices and warnings
  • Investigating counterparty's business background, business reputation and legal risk, providing advices and warnings
  • Investigating relevant law and regulation, providing advices and warnings
  • Other necessary investigation

Assistance for Transaction

  • Transaction Plan
  • Negotiation Assistance
  • Drafting and Reviewing Relevant Contracts
  • Tax Plan
  • Assistance in Selecting Other Relevant Services
  • Assistance in Closing Transaction

Dispute Resolution

  • Dispute Resolution for Technology Transfer, Technology License, Technology Implementation
  • Dispute Resolution for Technology Research & Development, Technology Improvement, and Intellectual Property
  • Dispute Resolution for Contract
  • Dispute Resolution for Investment, M&A
  • Other Dispute Resolution Services

IP Protection and Management

  • Legal Services for Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights
  • Intangible Assets Management
  • IP Protection
  • Other IP Services

Legal Advice

  • Advice for Laws, Regulations, and Policies relevant to international technology transaction
  • Advice for cross-border investment & financing, international trade, and economic & technical cooperation
  • Advice for commercial interest after the transaction
  • Other legal advice relevant to the transaction

Figure out True Value, Ensure Transaction Benefit, Avoid Transaction Risk




Assistance for Transaction


Service after Transaction