O. E. System

To fulfill the demands of international technology law services, O. E. System provides innovative services by combining legal expertise with technology knowledge. O. E. System serves international clients' needs from legal problems to business issues, from plan to implement. O. E. System is based on the combination of Oriental Elephas Science and Technology Information Company (O. E. S&T), Oriental Elephas Intellectual Property Information Institute(O. E. IP)and Oriental Elephas Law Firm(O. E. Law Firm). O. E. System has united technology transfer, technology value analysis, and legal service to help our international clients with commercialization of their technology and avoiding legal risk.
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O. E. Law Firm
O. E. Law Firm focuses on the demand of legal service for technology business. We provide innovative ' TechLaw' services for resolving technology investment, cross-border IP transactions, IP financing, non-performing IP asset, the bankruptcy of technology company, tax problems and compliance of technology company.
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O. E. S&T
O. E. S&T strives to build a systematic service combining technology transfer, technology cooperation, technology transaction, and technology management. We have assisted several clients in industrialization and localization of their high-quality technology in China, Korea, Australia, and Central and Eastern European countries. We will transregionally layout clients' technology assets, ensure the safe landing of clients' technology in countries, conduct global arrangement of clients’ technology assets and other assets.
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O. E. IP
Based on technology value analysis, O.E. IP has built a technology consulting system for resolving technology problems. O. E. IP provides technology value analysis for the commercialization of technology and technology transfer. Furthermore, O.E. IP provides technology value analysis for legal service by combining legal expertise and technology knowledge.