Teaching without Borders: O.E's stunning success in it's very first distance learning session on Trademark Search

From March 22 to March 24, 2021, O.E. Law Firm conducted a trademark search techniques and database application training session for overseas IP lawyers and trademark agents from 7 law firms in 5 different countries.

Participating firms include SHIN ASSOCIATES from Southeast Asia, AWP and ALLIANCE LTD, and MSP Intellectual Property Group, PETERSONA PATENTS -AAA LAW, and Hammond-Partnership from Europe. Among them, all the lawyers from PETERSONA PATENTS - AAA Law Firm and MSP Intellectual Property Group participated collectively in this online training session. The interchange took place between senior partners, senior IP lawyers, agents, and young lawyers who just started off their legal careers. At the end of the course, peers articulated their gratification in systematically understanding the China’s trademark search database, inquired about potential translating solutions for the search results, and expressed their interest in mutual cooperation and interchange in the field of international intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, participants requested the sharing of the courseware for further in-depth study. To contribute to the overall comprehension of the courseware, O.E’s Technical team generated a Chinese and English version of the course, which shall be uploaded to the O.E. online distance learning web page, for participants to excess at any time.

The main content of this training course include:
  • Why a trademark search is implemented?
  • The registration strategy in accordance with the trademark search results
  • The trademark examination standards
  • Basic trademark search elements in China
  • How to use the trademark office's official trademark search system?
  • In addition to the official trademark search system, which other third-party search platforms can be used in China?


In the courseware, regarding the application method of the official trademark search system of the Trademark Office, we have recorded an operation tutorial, which is equipped with an English commentary, the tutorial clearly illustrates the use of each search function.

At the end of the training activity, the law firm announced it's "special trademark law consultation and registration service preferential policies” and notified all the overseas lawyers involved in the session that the preferential policies will continue until the COVID-19 outbreak is restrained on a global scale. The aforementioned preferential policies are designed to help cross-border enterprises better protect their trademarks and to resume work and production expeditiously after the pandemic.

To view the full replay of the training session, please visit our website: https://www.oelawfirm.com/online-ip-courses/